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MyDog x2 Gothenburg!


Double Int. Show in Gothenburg and "Sanne" had a great success.

Day1, she was BOB under judge Frank Kane (whom I've longed to show for) and later on Hans vd Berg made her BIG-4 ! ! ! 

Day2, was a hard day in the Hound-ring. Not many Exc was presented by judge Andrew Brace. Sanne got a supercritic and BOB. In the Groupfinal Mr Brace gave us the yellow 3rd-place-ribbon. Such a lovely weekend for us to think about in the litterbox later on.




We look back on 2011 with a smile. So many happy days to remember.  Of course we have some sad memories to deal with but life is a journey to conquer so we look forward to 2012 with prospects about new challangers and new expectations...

Feel free to join us !


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Succes for "Sanne" at WDS Paris!


Two shows in Paris and superresults for "Sanne". Day one and arond 110 entered Hounds. Judge: Jose Homem de Mello and Sanne got excellent and placed 4th in Chkl! On WDS Hassi Assenmacher-Feyel gave her R-CACIB and I'm so proud of my prescious girl.


is born



Three beautiful boys are born. Proud mom is "Ingrid" (Ellindas Ice Crystal, CAC) and father "Alvin" (Ocobos Dads Lad, CAC). 

One of them vill stay at home.

Rapla & Pärnu 17-19/6


Rapla; Once again a nice weekend i Estionia. First out, on friday, was a Special Show for Group IV in Rapla. Judge was Margorzata Wieremiejczyk-Wierzcowska from Poland. She thought Steeve was to "American"-style for here taste but he still was 4th best male. Sorry to see a Championdog trying to bite the judge and his owner when the teeth should be shown and still got Ex.... A nice showground in an old farmhouse remade to a brasserie and cafe. 

Int Pärnu x 2: At Pärnu Int Steeve got his last CACIB for CIB! He also became BOS for judge Nicola Sedyh on day one and the same result on day two for judge Anna Tits.

Lots of congrats to all the travelmates; We have the  honour to have Lars and Ewas (K. Trajens) sweet miniature Wirehaired Dachshund  "Pavek's Elita" with us on the trip. On day two she got what we wanted; CAC and CACIB for judge Helen Kasuk-Tenson.  Catharinas  (K. Gårdskäls) young cocker bitch "A Special One Sweet Chutney"; now Estonian JuniorChampion and "Westerner Ghost Story" got BOS and CACIB!  Christinas (K. Dalsängs)  Petit "Dalsängs Etienne" got two CAC and CACIB  so we all were very satisfied on the way back home. 

Inoff. in Enköping


Our Miniatuer Pincher "Emil", (Jatzers Eucalyptus) was on his second show ever. Annmarie Maeland was judging and she gave him a very nice critic and BOB ! Some more training in the ring (to avoid the kangaroo-jumps ; ) is indeed needed but we really looking forward to show him in the future.

Rocklunda -2011


The first Swedish show for us was in Västerås and Rocklunda. "Sanne" ended up as 4Best Bitch. Judge was Leif Ragnar Hjort from Norway and this was the first time he judged Basset Hound in Sweden. 26 hound was entered and we went home very satisfied with the start of 2011.

CRUFTS 2011-03-12


Once again a "little" roadtrip to UK and CRUFTS 2011. After 1810km we entered NEC and the big dogshow. "Sanne" won her class, yearling, last year and have since then gained 10 titles. This year she competed in the biggest class, open class, with 21 enteries.  Congrat's to the classwinner and BOS Ch Woferlow Jelly Baby With Clavidar and of course to BOB Ch Ribblerriver Show Me Off At Sedonia. No placement for "Sanne" but a very nice weekend with friends in Uk this year to.

Tartu 8/1    &   Vaimastvere 9/1


We went to Estonia the first week of 2011. It was time for Tartu & Vaimastvere-show and with us was a lovely hitchhiker, Ch Kingsize Fawn Sliced Beef Kebab, "Babben". A most wonderful Pug. Our first showday he knocked us all out and became Estonian Champion and BOB for Nina Karlsdotter.  "Daisy" Dalsängs Darlingdream became 2nd Best Bitch.

The second day we travelled to Vaimastvere and the superpleasant show for group 8 and 9. Judging cotons was Brigita Vitolina from Latvia and she liked Daisy a lot and gave her BOS and CAC. "Babben" got 2nd Best male for Beata Petkevica, Latvia. We celebrated with the Gårdskals-gang and the brand new quadrupled Champion "Westerner Ghost Story" and "A Special One's Sweet Chutny"s two junior-CAC.

Helsinki x2


Vilnius x2


In Helsinki Int "Sanne" was entered both days and we were very satified with her second Best Bicth day 1 and third Best Bitch day2. We left Helsinki and entered Estonia direct after the second showday. Half a week later we started the 600 km trip to Vilnius. In Lithuania "Steeve" won his Championclass and ended up as 2nd Best Male both days. He really enjoyed himself at the shows.

"Agnes" was to "light" in competition but get excellent and 2nd best bitch day one and third in Chkl day two.

Once again I'm thrilled to think about what "Sanne" has performed during the last twelve months; 8 championtitles (SE-, NO-, FIN-, EE-, LT-, LV-, BALT- and CIB-Champion), four winnertitles (NORD-, NO-, VILNIUS WINTER- and Wilnius ChristmasWinner) and she is not yet three years old. I remeber first time I saw her. It was in Ransäter with her breeder and she was only four moths old and visit a show just as "public". I remeber that I say to Annika -" You will have a lot of fun in the rings with this lovely little girl- Don't sell her-Keep her for God sake". When Annika around six month later asked me if I like to have her and show her I almost didn't belive my ears and since then my prediction have come true manny, many times. I'm so grateful to Annika and Gunnar for giving us the opportunity to have her.

Tartu Int x 2


My girl is fantastic- Within a year "Sanne" got seven (Yes- 7 !) titels. In Tartu, this weekend, on the International show x2 "Sanne" got Best Bitch and BOS under judge Ovesna Bozena. By that she got CAC CACIB and the ESTVCH!



This weekend was it "way up north"- Sundsvall and Gärdeshov was the goal for our trip. We met up with some friends at Scandic and have a good bite to eat. Saturday was the "Basset-day" and we have a "new" jusde for the breed in Sweden; Tanya Altman-Stockmari had 9 Hounds to enjoy. BOB and BIG-2 was Ch "Affections True Love" and just behind her "Sanne" got the 2nd best bitch-placement. CAC (and new SUCH) went to Bassestugans Asta-Kajsa. BOS was "Swede Sun's Nicolas" and the male-CAC was ment for "Affections Bring Me Home".

Out of the 9 participants it was not less than seven Champions- we arn't so many- but we are of very high quality in the breedrings.

SBaK-Köping 19/9-2010


No pictures from Köping and SBaK-NÖ's specialshow. Dan Eriksson was judging 27 Hounds and Sannes got 3rd in Chkl and ended up as R-Btkl. Mr Ericsson gave her a super verbal critic " When I examine this bitch I have really hard to find anything to remark about at all...". 

Eckerö 2010


Another year- another trip to Åland and Uddens Camp at Eckerö. After a lovely dinner and some hard gambling (in YATZY) we went to sleep and woke up to Viking Int. Dog Show. "Sanne" and 8 other Hounds "walk the walk" for finnish judge Esko Nummijärvi. Teeth was all he was looking at and the movemets of course. I've nothing against to let the dogs walk around the ring while the judge dictate the critic, but it's a different experience that the judge didn't lay his hands on the dogs at ALL...

Well, obviously "Sanne" walked all right- 2nd Best Bitch and CAC gave her the sixth and seventh title, Finnish- and Nordic Champion ! She is marvolous, my girl- I'm so happy to have her !

"Sanne" opens the new

  TH logo



Today the new Tommy Hilfiger-stor opend in Stockholm on fashionstreet, "Bibllioteksgatan", in the middle of the city. I was asked to bring a Basset Hound to the opening to get it an extra touch. TH. have had Basset Hounds in thier new advertising campaign and wanted a real one to the opening day. Sanne and I took th etrain and she behaived her self very well together with topmodels and fashionclothes (I was the only one who felt a little missplaced ;) . A nice and different day....

New Links !


We "bump in to" a good "old" friend at Sofiero with her lovely French Bullie-girl "Moa P". Look at thier link under "Kennel Bar-B's"...

We congrat' Uno and his owner to BIG2; look at thier link under "Kennel Whistlewood's"...


Look at good Hound's at "Kennel Cazzims"

Sofiero 2010


We went to visit our good friends at kennel "A Special One" in Ängelholm and had a super-weekend with Susanna, Lars, Linnéa, Oliver and all the cockers in the south of Sweden.

The showground in the surroundings of Sofiero castle is magnificent (even if we were "a bit" wet from the rain...) In any case, we showed "Gibbs" for Laurent Picard and he gave him a very good critic and prize of honour, 2nd place in puppyclass. On sunday the weather was better and it was time for "Sanne" to enter the ring under judge Hr Walter Schicker from Germany. Hr Schicker made her BOB and his wife, Frau Gisa Schicker shared her husbands taste and made "Sanne" BIG-3 later in the BIG-finals. It was 10 years since I showed at Sofiero but I'll thing it must be more often after this super-weekend ; ). Congrats to BOS Affections Valiant and the "Old nestor" Swede Sun's Adam to his BIS-1 VETERAN !

SKK & SDHK in Högbo 2010


Once again we took the caravan with us and left for a show. This time Högbo and a double for "Gibbs" and a singel for "Elvira" and "Sanne". The firs day was only for "Gibbs" on SKKs show. The little rascal behaived him self very well and ended up as Best Puppy for the Latvian judge Ligita Zake.

Sunday started with "Elvira" and her judge, Mr Åke Cronander, notice her potential and gave her CK and a 4th best bitch placement. "Elvira" once again showed herself very well and we really looking forward to se her develop and mature. 

"Sanne" was next out but first I showed Affections Youngster to his third and last CAC for the title. "Sigge" was on top of everything else even BOS! Congrats to his owner, fam Eklind-Holmberg, and, of course, to his breeder Monica & Roland Carlsson. "Gibbs" was showed at SDHKs show for Anne-Cathrine Unelsröd from Norway and she gave him BOSpuppy.

Satisfied with our weekend in Gästrikland we took our mobile home and went back to Backebo again.

Visby x 2  2010


We took the caravan and sail away over the see to GOTLAND DOG SHOW  x 2.

Sanne got BOS and Gibbs was Best Puppy both days. (Congrats to Jai-Baltazar to BOB)

On saturday we showed Elvira and the judge Mrs Joan Walsh, Irl, gave her a second price. She didn't like Elviras head but gave her a god critic on the "rest". On sunday Ingrid was shown for her second time ever (bye the way, last (and first) time was here in Visby two years ago) THe judge, Mr John Walsh, Irl, really liked her and gave her 2nd best bitch with CAC and R-CACIB ! It obvously was a good stategy just to lay on the sofa and wait a couple of years  ;-) 


Norrköping 21/8  & Eskilstuna 22/8


15 Hounds in Norrköping was judged by Bengt-Åke Bogren. All of us get CK (excellent) and "Sanne" was placed as 2nd in Chkk and then 4th in best bitch. Two finnish Hounds from kennel Basbuddy (B. Copperfield Dee & B. Chiquita Gita) got the CAC and the title SE UCH. Later on, the male, B Copperfield Dee got BOB and BOS was Honeycar's Unic.

On sunday the show was located in a brand new showground in Eskilstuna, Ekängens sportsfield. Per Iversen from Norway had 21 Hounds to judge. BOB (and Best veteran) was "good old" Adam from kennel Swede Sun's and his kennelmate S.S. Xsanté got the CAC. In "Sannes" class there was not less than seven Champion-bitches competing for the 1st placement and, (with a supercritic), "Sanne" was the judges No1. In Best-Bitch- competition "Sanne" went all the way up to best bitch !!! BOS was so very much more then I expected when we went from home in the morning. (By the way-Thank you Sandra for holding tumbs...) We sends our congrat's to Helene Gjertz and Bassetligans  Elizabeth Swann to her CAC and brand new SE UCH title- Wecome to Ch-class.

"Oslo double", Bjerke.

CRUFTS qual.  & Norweigian Winner 2010.


"Ja, vi elsker detta landet..." (I know I've wrote that line before but NOW I really, really mean it!) Bjekre was (as always) a lot of mud, water and some of the rings looked like a swamp. That's nature and nothing to do about and mud is good for the skin isn't it? ; ) The entré to the showground and carpark-rutins (like former East European states : / ) make the first showday a "bit" stressed for a lot of us. We had 4,5 km to the showground and it took us 1½ hour to drive the last 2 km! We were soo sure that the show was already gone for us BUT; our DEAR Hound-friends from Norway make it happend; they waited for us and gave us the possibility to compete in the show- can't thank you all enough !

Judge was Mr Miguel Angel Martinez from Argentina and he liked "Sanne" a lot. He gave her CAC, CACIB and, finally, BOB !!!! By the CAC "Sanne" got the Norweigan Show Champion-title. (When you go from thinking the day was totally spoiled to beeing BOB in a short time you really need a strong and healthy heart, belive me : ).

On day 2 there was a change of judge. Mr Knut Sigurd Wilberg was the one to make the choices. I have never (and will never, ever again) experience such a critic, both written and spoken... Beyond my belive "Sanne" got CACIB and BOB once again!

Thank you Mr Wilberg- YOU made MY day!

Svenstavik 2010


This is too amazing to be true!!! Our little "Gibbs" went Best In Show-R puppy in Svenstavik ! Judging the breed was Frank Christiansen from Norway and in the BISfinal it was Pirjo Aaltonen from Finland who desided to give the reservplacement to little "Gibbs". "Sannes" BOB almost landed in the shaddow of "Gibbs" performance. In the Basset Hound-ring our swedish judge, Eva Jönsson, gave "Sanne" the BOB award and CACIB. We was really enjoyed to see our good friends, Rolf and Lisbeth, have thier "Azta" to SE UCH !!!

(Now we're looking forward to the Champion-cake on the next show, yummie!)

Lots og congrats to "BOS, "Joppe", still going strong at 10 years of age, and to "Zixtens" CAC.



We went to Ransäter and Värmlands KKs Int show. With us  was "Elvira", "Gibbs", "Ylle" and "Sanne". Saturday started with Basset and "Sanne" got Reserv-CACIB and 2nd Best Bitch for judge Ann Carlström. We were very, very pleased and happy since we know it's gonna be a CACIB. Little "Elvira", 10 months, was for her first time in the ring official. She behaived better than I ever expected and moved and showed herself perfectly. Terje Lindström, the judge from Norway, liked her a lot and gave here prize of honour together with a very nice critic which give us lots of hope for the future. On sunday the rain came in and who am I to get astonished? After all it was the day for the little white, fury ones... Judging the breed was an expert; Ann-Christine Johansson. "Gibbs" was first out in the pooring rain and got such a outstanding critic that I forgot all about the weather :).  "Ylle" got "very good" and we were very pleased with her critic to. After a nice chat, hugs and promises to meet next year, we started our trip home, satisfied with our weekend in the woods of Värmland...  

Köping & Eskilstuna


In Köping on saturday Mr Lars Widén was judging 23 Hounds and Sanne got CK, 3Chkl and ended up as Reserv Best Bitch.

On sunday Swedish Basset Hound Society, SBHS, had thier yearly Club Show and twice as mutch entrys. This time in Eskilstuna and with a brand new judge on the breed, Mr Morgan Wackt. This show is an inofficial show with written and spoken critics but only competitionclasses. Sanne, in a big championclass, came on 8th with a very good critic but without prize of honour......... 

Alfta 17 -18 juli


Our yearly caravantrip to Alfta gave us superresults! Saturday was "The Basset-day" and "Sanne" was entered for the Norweigian judge Per-Harald Nymark. He wanted to se us move a lot and for us handlers it was a bit sweaty (yes, it was hot in th esun to...). Sanne got BOB and a brilliant critic. Later on in the group we cheered loud when she got BIG-reserv. Yippiie!

During the night between saturday and sunday it was a terrible rainweather and we have our doubts about how Gibbs should look in the ring, soaking wet? The morning gave us sunshine and that blow our feers away. Gibbs was judged by Tanya Altman-Stockmari from Finland and she gave him a very nice critic and Best puppy. We were a very happy gang, driving the caravan back home.

"Gibbs" har fått egen sida.


Vi har inte glömt "Gibbs" (svårt att glömma någon som bits i benen, tar alla kläder och skor han hittar för att dekorera trädgården med och som konstant står med alla fyra tassarna i vattenskålarna straxt innan han "panerar" sig själv i potatislandet) men först nu har han en egen sida. Där kommer bilder mm på vår lillla busunge finnas. Titta in, då blir han glad...

MöklintaRoyal 2010


Ringdebut for "Gibbs" (L. In -The-Best-Cover-Of-All) was at Möklinta Royal 2010 (an Gibbs behavied very well in the ring an got a really nice critic from the judge, Elisabeth Spillman. Gibbs got Prize of Honour and Best Puppy.  

Also"Elvira", (M. Working On A Dream) was at the show and showed her self very nice. Prize of Honour and a very nice critic from Diane Andersson, the USA judge was here profit of the day.

We are so very satisfied with our youngest.

World Dog Show

Herning  june 25th


We and 74 other Hounds got together in Herning and WDS. Judging the breed was breedspecialist Kresten Scheel. WorldWinner and BOB was one of the most beautyful Hounds I've ever seen, Ch Quickie Dos Sete Moinhos. Oh, that girl could really move !

Sanne was entered in Ch.class were she got Excellent but no placement.

The "Sweds" had a very good day; from Kennel Swede Sun's was one juniorbich and one juniordog entered- both got the JuniorWinnertitles and in veteranclass Swede Sun's Adam took his VeteranWinnertitle, from Kennel Affection came third best Championbitch- A. True Love, A. You Are My Girl got Ex in openclass and A. Younster was showed by his young master to a VG.

Ozolnieki, Lettland 13-14/6


"Sanne" fick cert, CACIB och blev Lettisk Champion, CRUFTS kvalificerad och BIM på lördagen vid LKFs dubbelutställning i Ozolinieki, 4 mil SV om Riga. Dömde gjorde Danielle Dryburg från Australien.

Under natten till söndagen måste hon ha krympt för då var hon bara värd "Good" (vår 2a) eftersom domaren, Istvan Nagy, ansåg henne vara en "Miniature-basset of no quality and without substans, a Basset-Light so to speak" som han uttryckte sig. 

Jo, man tackar, Mr Nagy kan inte ha noterat EUs direktiv om sundhet och motverkan av överdrifter då han glatt premierade sin EGEN uppfödning(!) till BIR. En hane, som med all säkerhet vägde en bra bit över 45 kg, utrustad med en så lyrformad front så att en Artesien hade fått hicka. Men, men det är Mr Nagys tolkning av standarden och är det så han tycker en Excellent-Hound skall se ut, då vill jag nog inte ha excellent... 

Sundsvall 22 maj  & Östersund 23 maj


Helgen bjöd på utställnig x 2. Först ut var Sundsvall och Torbjörn Granheim; CK till Sanne och 3 Btkl blev resultatet. Vi for vidare till Östersund och i söndagens, tidvis, hällande regn dömde Martin Johansson på Specialklubbarnas utställning på Travbanan. Domarens fina kritik gav Sanne BIR-rosett och senare ( i ännu mera regn) tog Göran Hallberger över dömandet i Gruppfinalen och bland 10-talet raser blev Sanne BIG-2!!!! Dagens resultat, både i rasringen och finalringen, värderar vi oerhört högt då den här utställningen verkligen fokuserar på jakthundraser. Att få stå på plats 2 i en STOR Grupp 6 med en Basset Hound ger ett brett "glis" i ett stockholmsfejs och "glaver" gav vi oss hemåt, lite "döven" men definitivt sugna på att återvända nästa år. Så "artut" tyckte vi att dagen varit...

Jäderfors 15 maj


SBaK NÖ's vårutställning dömdes av Kurt Nilsson i stålande väder med lagom fläktande vindar.     18st vuxna BH + en valp var anmälda och domaren lade stor vikt vid sundhet och de detaljer och perspektiv som SKK och rasklubben vill att rasen skall dömas efter. Fria rörelser och sundhet över lag premierades.

Inget hanhundscert delades ut men på tiksidan knep Swede Sun's Wikki det. "Sanne" stod på en hedrande tredje plats i championklassen med CK och slutade som 4 Btkl. 


Hillerød 2 maj


I Hillerød, Danmark, hade norska domaren Rodi Hubenthal 26 anmälda BH. Domaren föredrog den lite större modellen och Sanne, som ställdes i Åbenklasse, fick "bara"  Vg och skulle hem och växa på sig lite grann. (Klassvinnaren gick hela vägen i topp och slog ett antal championtikar innan hon slutade som bästa tik.)

Rocklunda 25 april


I Rocklundas bandyhall dömde Mats Jonsson 12 st BH. Ingen av de två närvarande hanarna fick CK så bästa tik blev automatiskt BIR. Sanne debuterade i Championklass med CK och senare R-Bästa tik.


Stockholm International Dog Show 2010


När jag gick i fjärde-femte klass ungefär, frågade en klasskompis mig vilken tursiffra jag hade. "4" drog jag till med på måfå, utan att egentligen veta varför. Sedan dess har jag hållit fast vid att 4 är en bra siffra och efter idag så håller jag med mig själv...

4/4  var det så dags för Stockholm International Dog Show, SIDS. STOKKs traditionella Påsk-show på Älvsjömässan. (Detta år för sista gången på denna tid och plats.) I ring 19 samlades 16 Basset Hounds för domaren Manuel Lourel Borges från Portugal.  Vår "Sanne", som fyllde två år så sent som 3½ vecka innan showen, gick för första (och sista skulle det visa sig ; D  ) gången i öppen klass. Domaren strösslade inte direkt med Ck i klassen. Han tyckte i alla fall att Sanne var värd det och det resulterade i Cert och titeln SE UCH. Sanne blev dessutom 4Btkl så nog tycker jag att siffran "4" är lite extra turlig... 

Också bland hanarna fick Basset-Sverige en nybakad champion i  Johannas Jai-Baltazar, "Bob", som senare klev upp som 3Bhkl - Grattis "Bobban" !




Nya bilder på "Abby", "Gibbs" & "DiNozzo", 11 veckor.

Elviras andra utställningsförsök...


"Elvira" har varit i Sollentuna på inoff-träning. Ensam valp gjorde att det inte blev så mycket ringträning i sig men i ensamt majestät skötte hon sig så utmärkt att domaren Anette Edlander delade ut Hp och BIR-valprosett.  På plats i rackethallen var syskonen "Bernerbergets", "Trubbel" och "Bubblan" som gjorde utställningsdebut, bara 4 månader gamla, och se på f-n kan karriären starta bättre än att de två delade på BIR- och BIM- valprosetterna! Knäppte äldre valpar på nosen och uppförde sig exemplariskt hela dagen. "Visusen" och vi andra Grattar!

CRUFTS 2010 !


CRUFTS 2010; ja, hur sammanfattar man det...?

Man kan ju alltid starta med några spontana ord, lite slumpvis; Otroligt! Fantastiskt! Kanonskoj!

Att "Sanne" skulle vinna Yearling class hade jag inte i min vildaste fantasi kunnat drömma om när vi startade hemifrån tidigt, tidigt onsdag morgon (9/3). Vi, det var Catharina (K. Gårskäls) med Spöka, Gunilla med Pluto och min (av födsel och påbrå hundutställnings-skadade dotter) Sandra

Torsdagen ägnades åt MIGRÄN för min del men de andra sammanstrålade med Eva och Inger (K. MacRuas) på hotellet och åt gott (själv festade jag till på en mosig avocado och en TreoComp framåt natten). Vid Houndringen dagen därpå hade vi som ett eget litet Nordisk hörn vid ringside och efter mycket trevligt prat och umgänge så var det så dags för "Sanne" och visa upp sig. Jag hade föresatt mig att, så bra som möjligt, visa upp en, i mitt tycke, mkt bra Hound-tik från Sverige och se hur det skulle stå sig i konkurrensen i detta Basset Houndens "Mekka".

Att i en klass på 14 yearlingtikar (det är vad vi kan ha TOTALT i rasen i Sverige) bli No1 var så otroligt så det var tur att vi fick med oss rosett och kort annars hade jag nog tvivlat dagen efter.

Intresset för Sanne var också det otroligt roligt och jag är fortfarande aldelens varm av alla positiva ord om henne.

Mest av allt kommer jag i alla fall ihåg vår hejarklack; Cath, Guggi, Sandra, Eva & Inger förståss, Lina & Johanna (K. Bernerbergets) och "Fb-kompisen", Anso (K. Anso Kanel BH) med syster, barnbarn och systerson & från vårt grannland Norge; Elisabeth och Espen (K. Esta Cado) och från Finland Pirjo Harmoinen. 1000 tack för alla hejarop, hållna tummar och allt stöd från ringside!

Nya ståbilder på valparna


Nu närmar sig valparna 7 veckors-dagen så vi tog några nya uppställningsbilder idag- Tack Mattias!



Det händer inte så mycket just nu men en ny bild på Elvira blev det då Mattias ändå var här och ställde upp med handling-hjälp.

4 veckors ståbilder




Bakom varje bild här bredvid döljer sig en liten filmsnutt på "Navy CSI"-gänget... 

Valparna 4v


Fler bilder


Tre nya bilder på Viran då hon var och hälsade på ett gäng Irländska terriervalpar. Bilderna är tagna av Eva Brunstedt, Kennel Mac Ruas och finns i Elviras Galleri  

Elvira har fått ett Galleri...


Vi var ute och hade kameran med idag. Det blev så många bilder att det fick bli ett Galleri åt "Elvira".

Fler nya bilder...


Bilder på Elvira, Agnes och Harriet

Nya bilder


Ny bild på Elvira 16 v och Ingrid 2 år & 8 mån...

Vi har fått tillökning...


Gizmo + Daisy = SANT

Den 10/1 fick vi snabbt och överraskande vår "I-kull".

Tartu & Vaimastvere                   9 & 10 januari 2010


När andra var på MyDog i GBG åkte vi österut (igen).

Den här gången var det nationell utställning i Tartu och en special för gr 8 & 9 i Vaimastvere som lockade. Med på resan var Bulldogg-Agnes, Basset-Sanne och Coton-Gizmo.  Av en slump och genom domarändring hade alla tre nordiska domare ! Kerstin Nilsson började vår dag positivt genom att ge Gizmo CERT, EECH-titel och BIR! Gizze som tidigare sett ut som en punkare med pälsen på huvudet stående rätt upp har i vinter utvecklats både i kropp och kostym. Hans Almgren var sedan den som dömde Bulldoggarna och där fortsatte glädjen då han delade ut CERT EECH-titel och BIR till vår "Drama-Queen", som dagen till ära visade sig som om hon faktiskt gillade (?!) att vara i ringen. Sanne, som ännu bara går i unghundsklass var med mest för skojs skull och herre min ge vad skoj det blev. Mats Jonsson gav henne CERT och BIR i rasringen med superkritik därtill och i Gruppfinalen placerade Lariza Kizina (RUS) henne som 2a under publikens applåderl. Det värmde verkligen då jag förstod att Catharina inte ensam kunde tjoa och klappa så mycket utan Sanne var verkligen populär hos finalpubliken. Vilken kanonbra start på 2010 !

Dagen efter föll Gizmo inte alls domaren på läppen men utställningen och dess arrangörer föll verkligen oss på läppen med sitt trevliga och positiva bemötande.

(Catharina och cockrarnas resultat hittas inom kort på hennes egen sida)

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judge : Arne Foss, Norway



Britta BIMSundsvall 

HelsinkiJW-12 SEUCH Longlow's Keep-Up-The-Good-Work, "Britta"




Gunvor BIRvalp Sundsvall

 Longlow's Keep-Up-The-Good-Work, "Britta"




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