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We breed, show & live our life with Basset Hound & Bulldog 

PR, Advertisement, Commercial TV & Movie

Sometimes our dogs are movie- and commercial stars...

They always do thier best and we are happy to see them i all sorts of advertisment

Some of the jobs the dogs have done during the years...

This is "Vivvi" as the new "face" for Tele".

She is the beat-boxing Comviq-Vivvi for Comviqs Telephone-subscriptioncard and the fastest broadband-skater" for Tele2 Broadband

Comviq-commercial is on TV from mid of februari-08 and the Broadband-ad was published in dailynewspapers and free-magazines (METRO and CITY) from 9/3.

 If you like you can see and hear "Vivvi" on this YOUTUBE-link.

Vivvi is skating by.......on full-page fot Tele" broadband in swedish evening-press.

Vivvi has once again made a commercial for  Comviq.

Her head, with the traditonell Comviq-helmet, is going to bee in EVERY announsment and commersial for Comviq-cashcard.

A pict from the set in Vaxholm, summer 2007, when Harriet had a small character in a cinema-movie.